owen paterson

"The public is very sick of being taken for fools."
More problems for Boris Johnson as the Conservatives lose seat the party has held since its inception in 1983.
Boris Johnson's fate rests on whether the Tories can cling on in Owen Paterson's former seat.
Parliament's standards committee also suggests there should be an outright ban on MPs providing paid parliamentary advice, consultancy or strategy services.
The prime minister has been forced to clean up rules around MPs' outside interests following a hellish fortnight he'd rather forget.
"I withdraw it — but he's no leader," Starmer said following a rebuke from Commons speaker Lindsay Hoyle.
"This country’s politics is going to be damaged possibly beyond repair."
"I can’t tell you what happened between the whips and individual MPs," the deputy prime minister said.
"I don’t answer for or speak for the prime minister directly," the justice secretary insisted.