Pablo Picasso

After more than forty years delighting art visitors, 'Child With A Dove', one of the most loved paintings in the Britain
A Picasso painting has fetched more than £28.5 million at auction. The impressionist's 1932 piece, Femme Assise Pres d'une
Unlike many national events, Remembrance Day comes around each year with a quiet sort of dignity. No great fanfare, no build
The Sun newspaper is being targeted this month by various campaigners, writers and thinkers who believe a daily dose of bare
The government has banned one Pablo Picasso's most famous and evocative paintings from leaving the country, giving British
While artistically Andy Warhol may not be regarded as having the technical prowess of Rembrandt, the abstract beauty of Dali or the form of Caravaggio, no other artist has managed to predict the zeitgeist of their descendants so perfectly.
A self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci is covered in 'mould' and will likely prove impossible to repair. The precious red chalk
Hermoine Granger's beloved Crookshanks, Bill Sikes' bull terrier Bulls-eye, Fern Arable from Charlotte's Web and her pig
We tend to think of it as a modern phenomenon, but while it's true that we see more air-brushed images than ever before, the
The news that this year’s Turner Prize nominees include a performance artist called Spartacus and a man who fills imaginary