Pedro Almodovar

To call Pedro Almod贸var an icon might be something of an understatement. When he visits the cinema in his native Madrid - the
Almodovar, monarch of the Spanish cinema for some thirty years, has never won the coveted Palme D'Or at Cannes but keeps on trying...
The actors were forced to complain at a recent West End show, when they found themselves distracted by some amorous goings
'I'm So Excited' finds director Pedro Almodovar returning to his comedic roots. When a moment's negligence endangers a flight
I went in expecting to be underwhelmed, given that the reviews hadn't been glowing, but instead left furious at one of its main plot threads. To explain why, I think it best to reverse the flip gender of the characters involved, and go into some detail about the plot. (So beware spoilers.)
Due to the very open and unfiltered scenes of I'm so Excited, it might not get the box-office success of Volver or Broken Embraces. But I consider this film as a masterpiece. A film of many layers. A book of life. An act of solidarity. Highly recommended. Go, watch it and pick up some tips on how to enjoy life.
With creativity and humour Almod贸var continues to surpass expectations, creating provocative and thought provoking films that dually entertain and intrigue us. He will forever be a paragon of world cinema.
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