Labour market factors, lower average earnings, variable employment rates and the greater likelihood of ethnic minority workers being self-employed are all factors.
Redistributing money lying in the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme Investment Reserve and Guarantor Fund would give pensioners a much-needed windfall in time for Christmas, Gloria De Piero MP writes.
A candidate in Kentucky vows to expose the nation's worst public pension system in a way that could reveal corruption everywhere.
CLP accuses Jeremy Corbyn and Jennie Formby of 'disregard' for workers and hits out over loss-making 'Jez fest' Labour Live.
Despite living longer than men, women are saving significantly less for later life with new analysis suggesting that the gap between men and women’s pension income is nearly 40 percent
The traffic around Parliament Square in London was momentarily halted by a group of women protesting against the pension age. The protesters were calling on the government to move the pensionable age back to 60. They say that thousands of women have been left in financial difficulties and even destitution because of a lack of information regarding the change.
The gender pay gap has finally been getting some of the recognition it deserves, but the issues sadly don’t end there. In
s a student I understand concerns over lost teaching time, but as a teacher I also understand the importance of job and pension security
If a woman at 45 fears ageism, how should one at 65 feel? We all know that whilst compulsory retirement is no longer legal, there are other ways to undercut and undervalue a member of staff who is perceived to have outlived their purpose.