Pep Guardiola

Anfield is not just a stadium but emotion, intensity, history and folklore all woven together
Let's start in an unexpected way today. Just imagine how bad Sunderland against Burnley must have been to watch. 0-0 must have been the most guaranteed result of the day. It's nice to see Jermain Defoe back in the England squad though, if only as a reward for putting up with only being passed the ball about 25 times this season.
The stage was set in Stoke. People were turning up purely to see the record broken. How would he celebrate? Would he even
It really is a lot tighter than many believe, and it's only going to get more intense over the coming weeks. Two of the top six will now be facing each other in every match round until the middle of March, so make no mistake about it; this league is literally anybody's to go out there and snatch.
Pep Guardiola arrived in Manchester in the summer surrounded by an almost unprecedented level of hype. He was more than just a new manager for City fans, he was a symbol of the progression the club has made in recent years - not only in terms of success, but in reputation as well.
Goals! Goals everywhere! Well, on Saturday anyway. Watford and Everton showed Manchester City the way forward, the way forward
Sunday marked the 30 year anniversary of Sir Alex Ferguson taking over at Manchester United. In the next 30 years Fergie
Many people have tried to stop Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring goals for fun over the years and it looks as though someone has finally been successful. That's right, Jose Mourinho seems to have cracked to code to make Zlatan less than mortal...
The "crisis" at Manchester City is a little like the billionaire being down to his last 50 million big ones isn't it? Pep's
Dear Gareth. Could you make England play like Spurs please? Thanks. Before we wax lyrical about the Premier League to soften