Phillip Schofield

The former This Morning star has spoken out about his affair with an ex-colleague, his relationship with Holly Willoughby and his future prospects.
Ex-This Morning host denied grooming a younger male colleague he had an affair with.
Soap fans have hailed the new presenter as the "perfect" choice.
The broadcaster's chief executive cites “significant media coverage" after former This Morning host admitted to an “unwise but not illegal” affair.
It's been three weeks of headlines about the ITV show and its now-former presenter.
The former This Morning host continued to have his say during an appearance on GB News.
The former ITV presenter said there are people with "a grudge" who have "the loudest voice".
The medic was previously one of the ITV daytime show's resident doctors.
In a statement released on Friday, the presenter said he had lied to the broadcaster about his relationship with a young This Morning colleague.