We're currently planning a retailer roundtable on diversity and retouching to deepen the debate on the use and prevalence of retouching and the lack of diversity - whether shape, age or colour - in the media. We want to get all sides talking to come to a shared idea of what responsible retouching and real diversity looks like.
We've all read about the controversy over excessive Photoshopping of reality celebs, actresses and models. Putting pressure
Cate Blanchett has joined the tiny - albeit, growing - number of high profile ladies willing to go without Photoshop, thanks
Anna Utopia Giordano's photoshopped Renaissance nudes that have been floating around recently have, quite rightly, received praise for illustrating the power of digital distortion in our magazines today.
What if God was one of us? Joan Osborne first posed the question in 1995 with her single One Of Us and has been asking intermittently
It is a truth universally acknowledged that even a woman of very fortunate looks in the fashion and beauty industry must
With the USA following the UK lead in a move towards banning Photoshop in advertising, it's time to reflect on a groundswell of activity that finds us at All Walks Beyond the Catwalk celebrating a shift in energy.
We have removed the article that appeared here after clarification from the Daily Mail that the images were not photoshopped
Photoshopped celebrities never fail to cause outrage. The most recent pitchfork parade was started by an article on the Daily Mail website highlighting the "bizarre" practices that go on inside magazines to improve photos.
It’s been a busy morning for one member of The Daily Mail’s web team, matchmaking Samantha Cameron and Gwyneth Paltrow as