Pizza Express

The company said it was a difficult decision amid a “significantly more challenging environment” due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The royal's sit-down with Emily Maitlis over his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein didn't exactly go down well.
I do not know the usual protocol for culinary calamities of this scale, but it's time we immediately enact some sort of community action plan to save this institution, journalist Kate Leaver writes.
There is hope of real change. Some venues, notably the London Olympic Park, is now paying the London living wage of £9.70 an hour.
This is 2015. Most people are going to pay by card. That makes the miniscule processing fee attached to those transactions a regular overhead expense that must be budgeted for. And so if your franchise can't facilitate this seemingly unaffordable act of modern sorcery without punishing underpaid staff for demonstrating great service, perhaps you shouldn't be running a business at all.
When the Peterborough Today published a review on Pizza Express they probably didn't think many people would read it (sorry
Personal experiences of hipsters are a far cry from Williamsburg, New York but instead it was like watching pockets of East London being swallowed up by a swarm of skinny jean wearing, flat white drinking locusts. As preened men were dubbed "Metrosexuals" and "scallies" evolved into "Chavs"; in my circle "Indie" became "Hipster".
I'm getting increasing concerned about this spinning of old stories and the re-presenting of it as breaking news. It seems to be happening more and more. I can understand a slow news day; you do need a dead donkey to drop if something happens.
This halal meat fiasco has two separate elements to it: (i) the halal meat creeping into restaurant menus; and (ii) the incorrect presumption that slaughtering an animal is more cruel than "stunning" by electrocution, drowning, bashing it over the head or whatever else is in vogue.
The debate surrounding both regulations upon halal slaughter and the sale of halal meat in commercial outlets is an important one. There are the legitimate concerns of various groups in the debate surrounding Halal meat in the UK, but these concerns were likely not at the root of The Sun and The Daily Mail's decision to report on the issue.
Perhaps the public outcry over Halal, or 'Halal hysteria' as some call it, is really a proxy for wider concerns many have about 'sharia creep' - the accommodation of Islamic practises in the UK, which they feel are starting to encroach on what were previously secular spaces.
The growing controversy over halal food has dragged in more stores, after it emerged they were selling halal meat not labelled
The Huffington Post UK approached other restaurants and fast food chains asking whether they served halal meat. In a statement
She may be the poshest of all the Spice Girls but Victoria Beckham isn't afraid to rub shoulders with the general public
A restaurant has been selling pizza saltier than sea water, according to new research by health organisations. The research
Who needs awards and record sales? Rock and pop stars including Rihanna and Madonna have received a much tastier musical