poorna bell

Like I still wish I could have told Rob to stay, I ask anyone struggling right now: hold on, stay with us.
Journalist and author Poorna Bell often has a busy schedule. To start her day in the right way she makes sure she gets to the gym to weight lift. In this episode of Slay The Day, she takes us through her routine - from a nourishing breakfast to keeping on top of her planner.
Rob and Daisy taught me a lot about the intense connection between man and dog – wherever it is that dogs go when they die, I hope she finds him again.
There is a lot I have discovered since you took your own life. Firstly, while there is no hierarchy of death where one is better than the other, it's safe to say that living a long life is at the top while a short one is at the bottom. I don't know where suicide sits, but it's safe to say, it makes other people REALLY uncomfortable. I was advised against telling people how you died. And in the initial bizarreness of picking your burial plot and coffin (and being asked whether Robert was an eco-friendly man), I erred on the side of caution. But by this 30th day, I have realised when the worst, most devastating thing possible happens, you lose the energy to maintain any artifice.