poppy appeal

Every year the lead-up to Remembrance Sunday brings with it a renewed debate over the merits of the red poppy. Broadcasters
90% of people killed in war are civilians. But apparently civilians don't count. Remembrance is only for armed forces personnel from the UK and allied states.
There is so much public pressure to maintain face of Remembrance, but what about its soul? The selfless soldier deserves more than a borrowed or bejewelled poppy.
There is no contradiction in wearing both a red and a white poppy. This Remembrance Day we should remember those who have given their lives for our freedom, and also take a moment to question the causes and consequences of war.
The support our injured soldiers and bereaved families receive is unrecognisable from our predecessors and it is a comfort to a serving soldier now if he gets injured or he pays the ultimate sacrifice. He and his family will be looked after by a first rate support system providing both for them financially with lifelong help available if required.
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