Expect to see products for as much as a fiver in some of the bargain chain's stores.
Taking the struggle out of Secret Santa shopping with Poundland who have launched a handy range of pre-wrapped presents for, you guessed it, a £1. Described as ‘borderline offensive’ by the budget shop, you are buying blind and risk gifting your colleague’s something potentially wildly inappropriate, but will have £9 spare to spend on yourself. Swings and roundabouts eh? So in the spirit of Christmas and for some festive fun, six of our HuffPost team swapped the presents with each other. Here’s what we thought.
We tested this season's burgundy nail varnishes so you don't have to 💅
“If only there was an environmentally-friendly alternative... you know, like an ACTUAL PUMPKIN.” 🎃
Administrators have failed to find a buyer for the business.
The Advertising Standards Authority said the ad was 'demeaning to women'.