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The level of anxiety when our children returned after lockdown was a huge surprise. And it wasn’t just them – we needed to do a lot of work reassuring parents too
Unison survey says 22% of staff have seen the 15-pupil limit breached.
Nurseries, child-minders and pre-schools say the scheme has left them under-funded.
What the creator of your kids’ favorite shows has to say about media consumption.
Big or small they are equally important. Over the past few weeks I have witnessed hundreds of pictures of my friends children
So the boy has been starkers since approximately 6.30pm last night. He didn't fancy putting on his pyjamas, wasn't pushed when it came to getting dressed this morning and is now happily enjoying a post-lunch nap, au natural.
For years everyone has crooned about how lucky we were to have a September-born child. Statistics supposedly show that a September-born is more likely to succeed and be top of the class in school. Yay I thought, until this year.
Ensure that they have a calming bath or shower in their wind down routine. This will relax their muscles and give them a chance to reflect on the day so they have a calm mind for bedtime
Needless to say, Tuesday and Thursday mornings are fast becoming my least favourite times of the week. I wake up anxious and I know that in turn, that probably makes him anxious, but I'm not a robot and I can't switch off my emotions. It's something we will just have to get through together.
Thank you for knowing that, an hour after I walked away from him - as he cried and kicked and screamed his way through another defiant display on the other side of the window - his sobs still echoed in my head.