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The Foreign Office has said it is "almost certain" the state was behind the explosions.
It is not clear when this conclusion was reached and if or when the President was briefed but he clearly took the video at
Jeremy Corbyn has defended himself after being branded a “hypocrite” for criticising other countries’ dire human rights record
Jeremy Corbyn was criticised on Monday after footage emerged of the Labour leadership frontrunner describing the assassination
George Galloway has earned £65,000 in just six months as a presenter and guest for dubious state-run broadcasters. The Bradford
Human rights activists fear that in spite of its complicity in human rights abuse, Press TV may soon be back on the airwaves, broadcasting more forced confessions and propaganda at a time when President Rouhani is presiding over a bloodbath of political prisoners.
One of the many depressing things about this is that Iran's anti-women conservatives can't seem to see further than their own bigoted views and appreciate that Hatami, as a juror at Cannes, was potentially doing a useful job of projecting (excuse the pun) a positive image of Iran via its amazingly good film industry.
Two British journalists working for Iranian state-owned broadcaster Press TV were held captive by Libya militia after they
Ofcom has revoked the UK licence of the Iranian state controlled channel Press TV. Since 2007 Press TV has been the flagship of Iran's propaganda mission to the West, and now it is gone and that has to be good news for supporters of democracy and human rights everywhere. Enter Geoffrey Alderman.
As the internet swarms with reaction to Ofcom's decision to take Press TV off the Sky platform in the UK, the channel is further discrediting itself by ignoring the claims of foul play. Instead of taking the necessary steps to stay on air and protect its employees, Press TV claims this is the end of free speech in Britain.
Iranian news network Press TV has had its licence to broadcast in the United Kingdom revoked by communications watchdog Ofcom