Judges have reportedly been told not to send burglars and rapists to prison because there is not enough space.
The Times claims the top judge for England and Wales has ordered the sentencing of convicted criminals on bail to be delayed from Monday.
The Tory minister was grilled following the recapture of terror suspect Daniel Khalife.
The advert features a white prison officer and a Black prisoner.
"Adult prison education today is in a chaotic state."
"The failure to prioritise the investment needed overlooks the ruinous financial, social and human costs of keeping women in custody."
Labour say Dominic Raab's announcement is aimed at deflecting attention from the partygate scandal.
Citing safety concerns, prison officials are keeping the former police officer in a restricted housing unit in Minnesota's only maximum security prison.
Downing Street denies that offenders will be fast-tracked.
It also said it was launching the project to support the construction industry.