Private school

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner accused the schools watchdog of 'hounding teachers from the classroom'.
John McDonnell, Ian Lavery and Laura Pidcock supporting debate at Labour conference.
Integrating assets into the public sector will see an end to the stranglehold that a minority in society hold over our national institutions, Robert Poole writes.
Ed Miliband and Clive Lewis back campaign to end ‘Old Boys Club’ in politics as Boris Johnson looks set for Number 10.
Educational advantages naturally give Britain’s privately educated a huge helping hand in the labour market. Put bluntly, going to a private school gets you a job with higher pay.
The home where police found that 13 children and young adults had been held in horrific conditions was listed as a private school.
They can use their privilege to open the very doors they spend their time closing, allowing the disadvantaged to genuinely feel hopeful, giving them buy-in to a society from which they feel so marginalised. Then the wealthy can genuinely feel proud about their privilege, and the poor will finally be able to taste the brioche.
I am sure that schools such as Eton continue to provide an excellent education and enable their students to have wonderful careers, and make a real contribution to society. But it would be a grave misunderstanding to view these measures as attacking these schools, or punishing students for choices made by their parents.