Every child deserves to be given the same opportunities in life, the same chances to find their unique talent, to enjoy something for them, not because their parents push them into the limelight and then take credit for their achievements. As a parent we are biologically programmed to be proud of our children for any achievement.
No, it doesn't stand for 'People To Avoid.'
There’s a common misconception that members of parent teacher associations (PTAs) at primary schools fit a certain stereotype
There's nothing more likely to strike fear into the hearts of parents and PTAs than the bedtime cries of "Muuuuuuuum, Daaaaad! I need a costume for school tomorrow!" Especially if, like me, your attempt at a pin-cushion during school needlework class was mistaken for an ashtray.
As part of my job working with PTAs, I regularly speak with committee members all over the country, and although many have an uphill struggle getting parents to help out - we did manage to make them laugh out loud with a few choice gifs...
With rising prices and historically low wage growth the Chancellor is right to highlight support for working families. Reversing planned cuts to WTC is clearly the most efficient way to help low and to income households. But will the Chancellor deliver?
A recent advertisement by the National ICT and R&D fund has put many in consternation. The advertisement is seeking bids
Texts containing ‘obnoxious’ words such as fart, Jesus Christ and homosexual are to be banned under new regulations by the