pubic hair

What’s the secret to going faster in a bike race?  Pubes.  That’s according to the support staff behind team GB’s female
It can increase the risk of STDs and rashes.
Pubic hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular practice, but is bald and beautiful really the way to go?  Why do
For years, men and women have turned to razors and wax strips to rid themselves of hair downstairs. Between 70-80% of adults
Kick-ass feminist Molly Soda is on a one woman mission to help others feel proud of their body hair. If her name rings a
Pubic hair: nobody really wants to talk about it, despite the fact that pretty much everyone has it. To get to the bottom
The lady garden is a magical place. Unfortunately, thanks to societal pressures on women, many of us have been coaxed into
Women are being penalised for sporting pubic hair - or so Instagram's latest antics would lead us to believe. An image posted
I'd like to see women wear their fur like a medal of honour, a dark and tangled mess that symbolises the years she's had and the experiences she got out of them. Womanhood is glorious, it's natural, and it's very hairy.
Pubic hair is there for a reason and acts as protective cushion and prevents infections. You probably wouldn't have caught chlamydia on holiday in Corfu back in 2002 if you hadn't had that Brazilian before you went. So who's the mug now?
It's bikini weather and the world cup is happening in Brazil. How could I resist? Here's ten things you need to know before you get a Brazillian.
UPDATE 08:47 25 May: KFC have released a statement regarding the incident which can be read below. Would you like pubes with
I hope there never comes a time when my daughter suffers from self doubt due to her appearance or feels the need to surgically 'enhance' her incredibly perfect self. There is much more pressure in the world she's growing up in than I had to deal with, and I will do what I can to equip her to have confidence in herself, as she is
I'm going to be honest: when it comes to the current wave of feminism, I'm sliding into complete apathy... It seems today's feminism is a lot about celebrity and having a pop at other women, and less about actual action.
The reality is that American Apparel sticking pubic hair on its mannequins probably won't increase lingerie sales, but will it give them publicity? Get people talking? Of course it will, it already has, as this post proves. People want to talk about this, out of shock, out of amusement, whatever the reason, emotion is evoked.
Pubic hair is back – at least at American Apparel it is. The always-controversial retailer has adorned mannequins in a New
If you didn't fall in love with Cameron Diaz when she danced in her underwear in Charlie's Angels, maybe you will now. In
Alas, the cynic in me had not been disproven - this really was another stereotypical and attention-seeking "feminist" outcry, concealed by the false notion that many women feel pressured to have Brazilians to satisfy their oppressive partners.
Ladies if you've ever found yourself coveting another woman's handbag or coo-ing over her Louboutins, you'll be pleased to