public accounts committee

"Children’s services are now at a tipping point."
'‚ÄúNo realistic prospect of progress‚ÄĚ to integrate the health and social care sectors.
More than 9,000 people sleep rough every night
The devastating impact of homelessness has been laid bare by members of a House of Commons committee.  MPs on Parliament’s
Number of cases in Australia and New Zealand reveal it could be a bad year.
The NHS is braced to deal with high numbers of flu cases this winter, MPs were told today. Sir Chris Wormald, permanent private
No-one expects that the next Government will have an easy time. But remarkably, despite an almost inevitable backdrop of more cuts in public services, politicians are queuing up to embrace the ongoing festering sore of more delays and more billions on a project, only wanted by those planning to rake in those billions. All the evidence shows HS2 will be a disaster, but what do politicians care about evidence?
Parliament will be standing up for fair taxes. For all companies to pay responsible tax and to play by the same set of rules. If Parliament steps up, we won't be the last country to do so. But the UK will be at the front of the pack. Right where we should be.
Tory cuts to the UK’s tax authority will hit customer service and slash the money raised in tax collection, new internal