public inquiry

"You will have to pay our legal fees and we won’t tell you how big they will be," government tells grieving families.
This is (sort of) the first UK inquiry into Covid. Here's what it can and can't do.
Campaigners are calling for a public inquiry. Those who have been through one before have some words of advice
Security measures are much tougher than at a similar public inquiry where the majority of participants are white.
The family has called for a "full public enquiry into who knew what and when".
Home secretary Priti Patel says victims of 2017 bombing need answers.
When the pleasure boat the Marchioness was hit by the dredger Bowbelle on 20 August 1989, the young partygoers on board had no time to react. The vessel sank in 30 seconds, with a loss of 51 lives. After two trials ended in a hung jury, a public inquiry in 2000 found the vessels had poor outlooks. As a result, safety improvements were made on the Thames, including the introduction of RNLI lifeboats and flashing lights on bridges to alert of the presence of large vessels.
Believe it or not, other things happened during her three years as PM.
13 innocent civil rights demonstrators were killed.