Public opinion

Those of us in the UK still reeling from the implications of the success of the Leave campaign will be acutely familiar with the dangers of populist rhetoric driving public opinion.
87% of Remainers we spoke to could mention a negative consequence of Brexit, compared to only 18% of Leavers – numbers like these are essentially the same as when negotiations began
On Friday, take to the streets and tell the world: let’s make the planet great again
The arbitrary and indiscriminate target has been missed every quarter since its introduction in 2010
Our mainstream media failed spectacularly. Led, inevitably, by the viscerally anti-EU Mail, Sun, Express and Telegraph papers, most of our national press indulged in little more than a catalogue of distortions, half-truths and outright lies: a ferocious propaganda campaign in which facts and sober analysis were sacrificed to the ideologically driven objectives of editors and their proprietors.
So what is in the public interest? People are interested in a strange number of things: I have a young teenager, and what is not interesting for him seems to be anything I am interested in, unless I can sneak it up on him without declaring my interest first.
"What do we want?" "A politician with integrity!" "When do we want it?" "Never!" This should be the battle-cry of a confused
Fewer than one-in-five (17%) feel they have a good understanding of how big businesses operate. A third (34%) go as far as saying that big business "exists in a different world to me". Perhaps part of the appeal of The Apprentice is that it offers some type of insight, however contrived, into a world few understand.
As we approach the electoral business-end of this parliament, the party machines are gearing up for the campaign proper - with a lot of nervous watching of the polls for signs of a sea change in opinion.
The yearly discourse of winter NHS strains has reached the public ear. What's more, people can distinguish between the NHS generally, which they know to offer the highest quality and the NHS in winter, where there is more concern.