public sector

Education secretary said teachers were among public sector workers set to face "pay restraint".
Rishi Sunak criticised by independent think-tank for freezing public sector pay for political not economic reasons.
Inflation means more than a million could be in for a real-terms cut – even some of those the chancellor said would get an increase.
"A pay freeze would be an outrageous attack on some of the workers who sacrificed the most during the pandemic", the GMB union said.
PM and health secretary have been given notice of legal proceedings by Runnymede Trust and the Good Law Project for alleged cronyism over "jobs for pals" row.
Surprise pledge in manifesto will benefit NHS staff, teachers, armed forces and others.
Potential Tory leadership candidate hails former colleagues for avoiding violent protests.
In a new series, HuffPost UK hears from the people working at the coalface of public service about the cases they have carried with them throughout their careers.
For the first time in 20 years, government will offer severance packages to employees over the age of 60 because if cannot afford its public sector wage bill.
The economy is as dangerous as it is empowering, and if you think you know better than market forces, only pain and suffering await you.