Public service

Think-tank says chancellor's claims 'sound substantial' but not borne out by the figures.
A focus group in Newcastle-Under-Lyme showed voters hold little optimism for the future, Edelman's public affairs MD James Morris writes.
After years of cuts to vital services and tax handouts for the rich, the future is ours to make, shadow communities secretary Andrew Gwynne writes.
Labour writes to top civil servant to say PM's publicly-funded base should be off limits for Tory electioneering.
If the country isn’t ready for a hard Brexit, the public deserve to know before they’re launched into the abyss, Frances O'Grady and Sir Bob Kerslake write.
Private companies have exploited legal loopholes and shunted costs onto the rest of the community, Andrew Gwynne MP writes.
The list includes a £514m contract for immigration enforcement services.
If Brexit isn’t handled very carefully – with safeguards that neither the PM nor her backbenchers seem to favour – it will be a catastrophe for our economy, for jobs, for wages and for public services.
Once again, this government has put bogus ‘clamp-downs’ on migration ahead of the real needs of our economy
Putting an even bigger portion of the economy in the hands of the Home Office will spell disaster for Britain, wrecking our public services and weakening our economy