Queen's Speech

Labour MPs won’t want three more months of the humiliation their leader got today.
Government pledged £10.50 an hour within five years but Queen's Speech leaves get-out clause, saying rise will happen 'provided economic conditions allow'.
From hostages to Black Rod, here's what to expect from the ceremonial opening of parliament.
Live: Queen Elizabeth sets out the prime minister's plans for government after his majority win in the December general election.
The prime minister has no majority in the Commons after expelling 21 rebels who defied him over a no-deal Brexit.
The Queen is setting out the government's priorities for the new parliamentary year, as Boris Johnson looks to put his stamp on Brexit, law and order, health and environmental issues. Watch live as the ceremony unfolds.
The monarch will set out Boris Johnson’s legislative plans on Monday but Labour has dismissed it as a "cynical stunt" and "a pre-election party political broadcast".
MPs will use first vote in Parliament to decide whether to give emergency service workers a pay rise.
The Government has created a workforce crisis in the NHS which is causing financial chaos for hospitals and causing misery for patients. We are 10,000 GPs, 3,500 midwives and now 40,000 nurses short of the number we need. Nurses are being forced to use foodbanks to make ends meet and NHS Providers say that staff are quitting the NHS to stack shelves instead. The Health Secretary says he has sympathy for underpaid health staff but sympathy won't put food on the table.
It is hard to remember a year in which the contents of the Queen's Speech were so hard to predict. The unexpected political
About Queen's Speech
The Queen's Speech, written by the government, starts the parliamentary year. After the election, the speech is used to set out the government's agenda, what their priorities are, and what laws they hope to pass. The Queen's Speech is full of strange traditions, such as the Black Rod striking the door three times before it is opened.