Racial discrimination

The football club is "dismayed and saddened" after players were booed for supporting the fight against racial discrimination.
Research by the Network for Police Monitoring has uncovered evidence of excessive use of force, failures in the duty of care, and racial discrimination.
It comes following a series of recent high-profile cases including two Black athletes who were stopped and searched by officers.
UK protesters aren't only showing solidarity with the US over the killing of George Floyd. Britain has played a leading role in the oppression of Black people.
Sandeep and Reena Mander received almost £120,000 in damages, after being told by the council there were only "white British pre-school children" available to adopt.
"I shouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable because my hair is different."
Speaking exclusively to HuffPost UK, the 21-year-old said nearly 60 of her friends were barred from the venue.
A tribunal ruled the company had a "blind spot" on discrimination.