rebecca long-bailey

The behind-the-scenes story of the Labour leader’s boldest move so far.
Labour leadership candidate says the contracts that handed NHS property to private firms were "the only game in town".
Wigan MP Lisa Nandy discusses with HuffPost UK’s Paul Waugh her bid to become leader of the Labour party. Lisa Nandy has been one of the most vocal critics of the political party’s over-centralisation during her decade as an MP and given her stark assessment of why Labour has been losing traditional working class and northern voters. Here she sets out the ways she would plan on winning them back from Conservative MPs.
Frontrunner is the only leadership candidate who has not voluntarily published campaign contributions over £1,500.
Shadow Brexit secretary forecast to win on first preferences.
Shadow business secretary hopes the stay-at-home mass membership comes out in force.
Salford and Eccles Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey sits down with Paul Waugh to discuss her leadership bid. Touted as Jeremy Corbyn’s preferred successor, Long-Bailey discusses Labour’s general election loss and what the party needs to do to once again connect with voters across the UK.
Both Starmer and Long-Bailey camps say party HQ is responsible for leaving member database open.
Party chairman also labels frontrunner "the moderate of the race" as he warns against choosing a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.
Controversial move would see sitting MPs face a fight before every general election to remain Labour's candidate.