Religion and Beliefs

A pioneering church that has been hailed by politicians as a beacon of hope for ex-gang members has created the conditions for fraudsters to flourish within its ranks and is failing to act on pastors financially exploiting the young people it claims to help. Ex-congregation members of SPAC Nation speak out to reveal shocking cases at the church.
It is time the 1.8 billion followers of Islam in the world stood shoulder to shoulder with climate activists to rally the call for action, Afzal Khan MP writes.
"It is easy to descend into division and abuse – climbing out and finding unity again takes far longer," 118 bishops say in rare statement.
“Thank God, justice was done,” Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez said in an emotional announcement outside court.
And almost a third think Islam encourages Muslims to carry out acts of violence against non-Muslims.
The MCB will file a formal complaint against the newspaper, a spokesman said.
He was responding to Dr David Mackereth, who said: "I don’t believe a person can change sex."
"The Bishops do not really accept the transition at all."
Because even enlightenment isn't a barrier to everyday sexism 🤔
An ordained minister and sex ethicist, Ambrose is teaching the LGBTQ folk how to reconcile their sexuality with their spirituality.