No.10 source confirms the prime minister will shake-up his top team, Gavin Williamson has delivered a leaving speech in his office.
Boris Johnson’s long-awaited cabinet reshuffle has taken place, two months after the Conservatives won a resounding victory. But what does the reshuffle tell us about how Boris Johnson is looking to go forward with Brexit, the country and moving on?
"Over the years, the ANC has proven a haven that houses and recycles misogynists into leadership positions."
It has taken just more than a week, but President Cyril Ramaphosa has made 23 changes to Cabinet.
As a rather disenfranchised member of the Conservative Party I had hoped for, though not expected, a bold reshuffle
"This was not the move of a master chess player."
Zuma (again) reshuffles his Cabinet, Albert Einstein was right all along and a woman who took up running at age 78.
"It just can’t be. We all must be given a chance to campaign wherever we can."
President Jacob Zuma dropped a bombshell by ordering Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan back to South Africa. The repercussions are serious.
“At this time of unprecedented national uncertainty and lack of government leadership post-Brexit, you are clearly not prepared
The five things you need to know on Friday May 13, 2016… 1) FOR FOX'S SAKE The Tory infighting over Europe has reached such
Corbyn supporters had inundated the BBC on Twitter with allegations of presiding over a political "scandal", while one blog
The Labour Party's marathon reshuffle has dominated the political news agenda this week. But against the drama of sackings
Work and Pensions is a difficult brief. But hey, it's difficult caring for the most vulnerable people when you get little reward and little recognition. It's difficult getting rejection letters for every job you apply for. It's difficult being sanctioned when you are ten minutes late for a JobCentre appointment. We are all determined to make life just as difficult for the Tories now.
The five things you need to know on Friday January 8, 2016… 1) CAM THE EURO-SEPT? Nick Watt in the Guardian has an eye-catching
There were fears it would never start, and then that it would never end, but this week Jeremy Corbyn carried out his first
Unless Corbyn realises that the Labour Party is no longer the hard-left party it once was, and unless he can finally unite the MPs on the benches behind him, then the poorest people in society, those who desperately need a Labour government, will continue to suffer - and they'll know who to thank.
Did anyone else watch the Shadow Cabinet reshuffle with incredulity over the past 2 days? I surely did, as it seemed to contradict the core values of Corbyn's leadership and the promises he made for a 'straight talking, more honest politics' and the principles of open debate.