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Millions of low-income households face a steep rise in their council tax bills of up to £600 a year from April, with single
The Treasury would save over £2 billion a year if workers were paid the Living Wage because of higher income tax payments
In its simplest form, making childcare tax deductible would be a tax break for nannies. It would give higher rate taxpayers twice as big a benefit as basic rate taxpayers and would give most of all to those who can already afford to spend the most.
There's a real policy challenge in how we support people who, despite being in work, aren't working enough hours. This is a notoriously tricky thing to get right.
It's good to see senior politicians acknowledge the central role that female employment must play in raising living standards in the next decade. And it's true that improvements can be made by, in the DPM's words, "shaking up rules and arrangements". But just as the coalition is finding on childcare, shuffling the pack can only get you so far. In the long-run, we have to invest more as a country in supporting parents to work, particularly mothers who often find that work doesn't pay. That means putting our money where our mouth is.
Living standards for millions of lower-income families may not improve over the next 10 years because of low pay rises and
If the government wants to realise its agenda of extending working lives, it must make working past retirement age a realistic option for people across the labour market. Too many older unemployed are not given the support and training they need to find re-employment - one out of two is long-tem unemployed, higher than for any other age group.
The national minimum wage will be lower than it was in 2004 after inflation is taken into account - even after it increases
With rising prices and historically low wage growth the Chancellor is right to highlight support for working families. Reversing planned cuts to WTC is clearly the most efficient way to help low and to income households. But will the Chancellor deliver?
The recent furore surrounding the UK government's work experience programme has centred somewhat narrowly on the rights and wrongs of large corporations benefiting from free youth labour.