rewind to the 90s

We’re rewinding back to 1992 to find out what was filling the festive schedules.
Including which other cast member nearly played Saffy.
From Deirdre Rachid's wrongful imprisonment to Brookside's body under the patio, the 90s served up their fair share of soap scandal.
Here's what the likes of Diane Youdale, Adam Rickitt, Michelle Gayle and Jesse Spencer have been up to since the 1990s.
From Dual with its giant cotton buds and the Eliminator with its travelators, this classic series kept us on the edge of our sofas in the 90s.
Remember Amanda Holden in The Grimleys? Thought not.
The likes of Gladiators and Absolutely Fabulous made their debuts in 1992, but we also said farewell to the Golden Girls and Danger Mouse.
From SM:TV and Live & Kicking to Fun House and Get Your Own Back, who made number one?