richard burgon

"I lived a life where not that much was expected of me. I was living under a Thatcher and then a Major government as a mixed race kid from a poor family in London."
Rosena Allin-Khan and Ian Murray proved popular with MPs, while Richard Burgon pulled in support from the 2019 intake of left-wingers.
The MP for East Leeds said he will be "outlining more in the new year".
The gentleman sparked a huge backlash after claiming his £80,000 salary didn't make him a high earner.
Like millions of fellow voters, on both sides of the Brexit divide, I feel angry and let down by our political system, Andrew Morris writes.
Richard Burgon also reveals talks ongoing over new timetable for Withdrawal Agreement Bill.
Labour leader cites Harold Wilson's 'unity' referendum as key allies McDonnell and Burgon call for change.
Just like with the NHS, our probation system should be in public hands where it can help create a safer society, not act as a cash cow for failing private companies.
"Why on earth should we believe anything you have to say when you outright lied?"