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MPs and Lords have to swear a similar oath to take their seats, but they are not all happy about it.
Leader urged to "take the gloves off" as MPs' frustration grows over his cautious approach.
Andrew Gwynne, meanwhile, chooses return to backbenches saying he feels "tired and bruised" from Corbyn era.
Would-be deputy leader says "Labour Climate Justice Network" would be free for party members to join.
Jeremy Corbyn allies tell left-wing members not to "sit back and cry" and "never apologise" for 2019 election manifesto.
Deputy leadership candidate says the former prime minister should "pipe down".
Rebecca Long-Bailey has said she would offer him a place on her front bench, while Richard Burgon has tipped Corbyn to be shadow foreign secretary.
Deputy hopeful warns would-be Labour leaders they will not have a mandate to tear up the 2019 manifesto.
Deputy leadership rival Ian Murray says "peace pledge" is "worst possible" strategy to regain public trust after election catastrophe.
The shadow justice secretary secured enough MP nominations in last-minute drama.