richard holden

Richard Holden provoked disbelief after he claimed the video has "not been edited, it's been clipped".
Richard Holden was trying his best to put a brave face on another miserable night for the Conservatives.
Richard Holden said it was "always frustrating" when MPs publicly expressed their grievances.
Richard Holden clashed with the former Labour bruiser during an awkward grilling on Good Morning Britain.
John Kay made the quip as he grilled new Tory chairman Richard Holden.
Richard Holden suggested Sky News was lucky to broadcast in a "free and fair" UK.
Richard Holden was asked about the foreign secretary's "not in my backyard" approach.
The clash came after Labour revealed Rishi Sunak's Treasury used government money for £3,000's worth of art.
Richard Holden eventually had to agree his claim was “not true”.