Richard Nixon

Actor appears on flagship BBC programme to talk about new Richard Nixon series, and then ...
Audio of the president trying to persuade a Georgia official to change election results is "the ultimate smoking gun tape," the Watergate journalist said.
The president has already floated the idea on a number of occasions.
From diverse new leaders to drugs reform, there are some glimmers of hope amid the current mess.
Nick Akerman says there's only one thing protecting the president from indictment at the moment.
Top Republicans worry that if his status becomes dire, he'll take the party down with him. Others worry he wouldn’t stop with just the party.
The president's daughter tried to insert herself into a conversation between world leaders and it ended in... ridicule.
Young Jack Kennedy and his beautiful, intelligent and cultured wife Jacqueline became in essence America's first Royal Family. They radiated the image of a new generation of the 'American Dream' where anything was possible. It was against this backdrop of hope and optimism for future, that this dark day in American history occurred. On that sunny Friday in Dallas, 50 years ago, time stood still.