Richard Tice

Probably not the policy you had on your bingo card for this general election.
Reform UK's leader was further humiliated when a fellow politician asked about his "science background".
Labour MP and leader of the former Brexit Party in tense exchanges.
Richard Tice said large numbers moving to the UK were "changing the nature of our country".
Tory peer schools Richard Tice and Isabel Oakeshot on Talk TV with the help of some newspaper cuttings.
Reform UK will back an approach to the pandemic dismissed by the majority of the scientific community as “flawed”.
Host Fiona Bruce was set to be joined by 5 men, but Labour's Anneliese Dodds has now replaced Jon Ashworth.
ERG boss tells HuffPost UK the Tories will not agree to Farage's demand that they back a no-deal Brexit.
"He literally doesn’t understand what diplomats do." Critics round on Brexit Party MEP after Newsnight appearance.