Richard Tice

Reform UK will back an approach to the pandemic dismissed by the majority of the scientific community as “flawed”.
Host Fiona Bruce was set to be joined by 5 men, but Labour's Anneliese Dodds has now replaced Jon Ashworth.
ERG boss tells HuffPost UK the Tories will not agree to Farage's demand that they back a no-deal Brexit.
"He literally doesn’t understand what diplomats do." Critics round on Brexit Party MEP after Newsnight appearance.
The ban was thought to have been sparked by an investigation into Nigel Farage last week.
Leave Means Leave also has just one non-white official backer.
From the passionate Highlander to that Nick Griffin appearance.
A year ago, the nation voted to regain its sovereign independence, to get its mojo back, to have a global vision. Brave people around the country chose to ignore the absurd, cataclysmic warnings from the Davos elite. In so doing, voters thus removed from office the likes of Cameron and Osborne, who wanted to talk our country's prospects down; they prefer the lazy comfort blanket of being a subsidiary of the EU.