right to buy

Regeneration should be first and foremost about the residents of the community who belong there; otherwise we really should ask this question in the coming mayoral election: who are these gentrification projects really for?
We need a housing bill that supports stability, recovery, progress and independence... We talk about people caught in the 'revolving door' syndrome of recovery and relapse. Having a place to call home can make all the difference in breaking that cycle for good.
Conservative MPs have raised concerns over replacing housing earmarked for low-income families under David Cameron's flagship
Homes could be bought with a significant discount by migrants that have been in the UK for just three years under the Government's
Of all the back of a fag packet wheezes that Lynton Crosby's war machine coughed up during the dog days of the general election campaign, the Tories' proposals to extend 'Right to Buy' to housing association tenants must rank as one of the most ill-considered. That is why I'm going to call on the Government to think again when we debate the Housing and Planning Bill in the House of Commons later today. Slapdash legislation; numbers that don't add up; a statist assault on independent housing trusts - from every angle this policy falls short. Add to that a disregard for some of the social impacts and it truly represents British politics at its short-term, headline-chasing worst.
The Government's flagship policy to let housing association tenants buy their homes at a reduction of up to £100,000 under
One in three councils has not replaced a single house sold through the Right to Buy scheme, official data has found. With
What more do we know now the Queen has sat down that we didn't know last week? We know there will be a housing bill and that extending Right to Buy will be part of it, but that's about it. Quite how much of the detail has been worked out behind the scenes and how much is still up for grabs remains to be seen.
Probably the hardest hit by the failure to replace Right to Buy homes is the heart of the Northern Powerhouse itself, Greater Manchester, and the conurbation's experience should set off screaming alarm bells about what may happen under the new scheme. Some 863 social rented homes have been sold in Greater Manchester since 2012, when the promise of one-for-one replacements was first made. Yet of those only two have been replaced: two connected semis on a cul-de-sac in a Wigan suburb. To put it bluntly, the government has tried to squeeze too much out of too small an amount of money...