Rochester Cathedral in Kent has decided to setup a mini-golf course inside for the summer. The reverend hopes that the course will attract a younger congregation.
The churches, Christian charities and countless Christian people already involved in many ways look forward to a healthy and robust engagement with Gove and his colleagues. As he knows well, we are already significantly involved and we continue to stand ready to play our part to the full. I hear the genuineness of his intent, and I hold him in my prayers.
Danczuk's 'selfie-queen' wife Karen has tweeted support for her husband “The reality is politicians are under scrutiny and
Emily Thornberry was wrong in her assumption, but she wasn't alone and it wasn't without foundation. Patriotism has been hijacked. Right wing movements like the English Defence League and Britain First use patriotism and the flag of St. George as a guise for their racism, and it's time to claim it back.
Labour is "adrift" and has lost its connection with traditional supporters, David Lammy has said, arguing the Rochester tweet
Ukip's latest MP Mark Reckless has suggested he wasn't overly happy about his party's policy on migrants admitting it was
Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry was "daft" to resign over a tweet and it showed that Ed Miliband was "motivated
Although Ukip have some way to go before they have even the slightest possibility of genuinely holding the balance of power in Parliament, after a second by-election victory, the party are quickly beginning to believe that with the help of the growing number of disenchanted voters, the impossible might just be possible...
Tweeting a picture of a terraced house, van in driveway, flags flying, is classist. Flags and vans are not an inherent part of working class culture, or unquestioned and undisputed by the working class. St George's crosses do not naturally bloom from the walls of terraced houses. Thornberry had the same reaction to that house as this council house kid would have.