Roger Stone

The president granted 26 more pardons, some of them to close allies, a day after granting clemency to 20 others.
Trump's ally says the president can bust Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, the "Clintons" and others who oppose him.
“Roger Stone was in the middle of it all,” she said. “And that’s why Trump had to cover it up.”
A "lawless president" treats American justice like his "personal plaything," says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.
The president's longtime confidant was convicted of lying, witness tampering and obstruction in the Russia probe.
The political consultant is convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering.
The White House said Trump was not concerned by William Barr's remarks.
The political consultant was accused of lying to Congress as lawmakers investigated Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Even in a White House that generates bombshell headlines on a daily basis, this one is a big deal.