Ron DeSantis

The two governors — one Democrat, one Republican — had it out in a "debate" on Fox News.
The Republican presidential candidate claimed he had not seen the billionaire's comment that agreed with an antisemitic conspiracy theory.
During the third GOP presidential debate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis couldn’t help but make this one awkward habit even weirder.
The Florida governor seems to unnerve people whenever he tries this.
One of the Florida governor's most unsettling habits reemerged during a TV interview.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis asked Donald Trump if he has the “balls” to show up to the next GOP presidential debate.
The GOP presidential campaign has taken a turn for the weird.
People have been trolling the Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate by claiming his signature cowboy boots have hidden heels.
DeSantis, stuck in a distant second place after five months, is beginning to take more shots at Trump now that the former president has him backed into a corner.
The ex-president suggested his Republican rival is coming up short in his choice of shoes.