rough sleeping

Lawyers have warned of a human rights breach after rough sleepers said they'd been harassed "most mornings" for over a year.
HuffPost UK revealed this month how hundreds of homeless people were being "criminalised" by the legislation during the pandemic.
With five months until the delivery of 3,300 supported homes for rough sleepers, government is unable to say whether a single brick has been laid.
Shelter, Streets Kitchen and The Outside Project hit out over new rules that "criminalise" those on the street, and raise fears for LGBTQ+ homeless people.
Charities have warned the coronavirus pandemic has made homeless people even more vulnerable in the extreme weather.
As five people sleeping rough die in two weeks, charity responsible for logging them says a decade of failings is to blame.
Stratford Centre in Newham, London has become a homeless shelter in recent months as the rates of homeless rise across the city. One local group entire funded by donations is Hope for Newham, they have gone from providing meals every Tuesday night to 35 people to now feeding over 130 each Tuesday.
The figures, and the way they are collected, are widely criticised for failing to capture the scale of the problem.
I felt like I'd messed up all my opportunities, and was too embarrassed to ask for help
This time of year is often when families come together under one roof and celebrate together. But what about those who don’t have a roof over their head? A new report from youth homeless charity Centrepoint reveals that 18,000 people between the ages of 16 and 25 are homeless or at risk from homelessness.