Rudy Giuliani

The sequel's title is reportedly Borat: Gift Of Pornographic Monkey To Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence To Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation Of Kazakhstan.
Donald Trump's personal attorney said he thought he was being interviewed about coronavirus.
The president's personal attorney pressured Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, a central part of Trump's impeachment.
#TrumpHotel trended online – but it wasn't exactly positive publicity.
US ambassador Gordon Sondland has testified in impeachment hearing that Trump pushed for investigation into Joe Biden’s son.
The inexperienced diplomat Trump is relying upon to deny a quid pro quo got his position after donating $1 million to Trump's inaugural committee.
Diplomats Bill Taylor and George Kent were the first two witnesses to publicly testify in the House's impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump
At the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry, State Department officials say Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy backchannel "undercut" US policy on Ukraine.
One of the president's main lines of defence was demolished on Friday.