Rudy Giuliani

The Trump sidekick recorded a political attack ad while using an Abe Lincoln filter and it was as weird as it sounds.
The inscribed copy of Trump's book sold for more than $54,000.
The former New York mayor also said he likes Scotch and drinks "normally."
Donald Trump's former personal attorney had a telling response to a question about fake news during a 2018 interview.
One Twitter user hoped to get the former New York City mayor to act out his controversial appearance in Borat 2.
Trump’s former personal attorney is currently embroiled in a massive $1.3 billion lawsuit.
When asked about his father's legal troubles, the younger Giuliani offered up deflections and conspiracies.
Trump called his former personal attorney, who was an unregistered foreign agent, a "great patriot."
Rudy Giuliani is facing a huge defamation lawsuit over the 2020 US election.
Lucrative "market" for pardons kicks into high gear just days before Trump is supposed to be heading out the door, The New York Times reports.