Rudy Giuliani

The president is very unhappy with his personal attorney, The Washington Post reported.
The Late Night host has a hunch about the guy who riled up supporters to storm the Capitol.
"The president of the United States is weighing the kind of action you see in dictatorships," warned the CNN anchor.
The president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani just can’t catch a break.
The president said his personal attorney, who has been filing election fraud lawsuits across the country, has become infected with the highly contagious virus.
Mellissa Carone, aka Mellissa Wright, was until recently on probation after reaching a plea deal in a case in which she made false allegations.
Rudy Giuliani appeared to try and stop his star witness from speaking as she unleashed wild claims during the election hearing.
The pardons could benefit Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump, as well as son-in-law Jared Kushner.
The outgoing US president's lawyer holds mobile up to microphone.
A federal judge described the president's legal claim as a "Frankenstein's Monster".