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Wigan Warriors will use their round six game against Catalans Dragons to hold 'Pride Day' in support of LGBT+ community.
Our northern towns and the people that live in them will be critical to whether Boris Johnson returns to Downing Street or not, economist Jim O'Neill writes.
Young players today may be drawn away by the wealth of football, but also the prospect of significant long term injury
It will have come as no surprise to many that, on Saturday morning UK time, Australia lifted the Paul Barriere Trophy. Indeed
It will have come as no surprise to many that, on Saturday morning UK time, Australia lifted the Paul Barriere Trophy. Indeed
Here we go again! The touchy subject of young people playing rugby and the associated risks has once again reared its controversial head in the news. In the red corner are the raging rugby aficionados, angry about the demonisation of their long practiced sport. In the blue corner are section of the medical community who are either custodians of our young people's safety or out of touch liberals with no concept of the real world. Delete as you see appropriate.
My hope is that the welfare of rugby league players is not forgotten by the scientific community and that those involved in the training of those rugby league players are open enough to acknowledge literature published about rugby union and apply the evidence base to their own code. It will be to the players benefit if they do.
I wish Toronto Wolfpack well. One hopes that they are successful in establishing themselves within the sport and are a catalyst for others to do the same. They will need support and patience. One hopes they will be given both. Is International club Rugby League a way forward? What do you think?
More seriously, what has happened to Bradford is very sad for the sport and the city of Bradford. The past cannot be changed but rugby league needs to think how it protects its traditions which are, just as they are in Gaelic football, the lifeblood of the sport whilst living in a modern age where finance is a very stark reality.
Rugby League is a sport of the working class and does see itself as something of an anti-establishment game, with good historical reasoning. The sport has to move with the times however and cannot continue to use historical grievance for a lack of progress.
If you listened carefully on Sunday afternoon, you would have heard the collective thud of England rugby league fans banging
The rugby league 4 nations tournament has now kicked off and, for the first time, will feature the Scotland Rugby League
In March of this year, a body called the Sport Collision Injury Collective published a now famous letter calling for a ban on tackling in school's rugby. The reaction made interesting viewing with allegations that the authors of the letter were subjected to abuse online. This sort of abuse is totally unacceptable but also demonstrates the depth of feeling that the subject raised.
As another major rugby tournament draws near, recent discussion has focused on the risk of head trauma and concussion, both short and long term, which has become a highly debated issue in sports across the world. Much of the impetus for this has arisen from American sports such as American Football and ice hockey.
News... it breaks quickly and travels far and wide and that is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon when the BBC reported in the middle of yesterday afternoon that Sam Burgess had left Bath Rugby with immediate effect. All forms of media flew with social in particular soaring off the charts with thousands of tweets and opinions being delivered.
So, what do you do when your team lose 50-0 in the Challenge Cup Final (yep, that wasn't a typo!) at Wembley? Emmigrate? Hide
Toulon secure their third straight European title on Saturday at Twickenham after an epic encounter with the perennial bridesmaids from Clermont Auvergne. In the lead up and since then there have been many fans and voices in the game bemoaning Toulon's superstar packed team and asking whether or not they are good or bad for rugby...
Jones' club the Keighley Cougars paid tribute to the player who had scored over 1,000 points for his team Jones, who was
New Zealand produces some of the most physical rugby players in the world, but the World Cup winning nation has been cited