ruth davidson

"There are dogs in the street that know it's probably never going to happen."
Clip from November resurfaces after culture secretary confirms privatisation of broadcaster.
Former Scottish Conservative leader says alleged rule-breaking "makes a mockery of all of the sacrifices that people made".
The former Labour PM said it was one reason why “the central ground of politics struggles at the moment”.
Prime minister criticises 3.1% pay hike for peers that could see them earn more than £48,000 for less than half a year's work.
Prime minister on election footing despite being engulfed in controversy.
"The threat of spending hundreds of hours away from my family fills me with dread."
Double blow for PM after Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson's resignation.
It comes the day after Boris Johnson revealed plans to prorogue parliament.
Speculation came after Boris Johnson moved to temporarily shut down parliament amid the bitter battle over Brexit.