''Me being me I got off and thought, ‘I’ll just take my kit off and get back on again.''
Carol Vorderman raised an eyebrow last year when she admitted to having a mishap while running naked on a treadmill, and
Comedy is a weird one. One minute you're performing to 12 people (8 of whom are comedians) in a room above a pub in Leicester Square with no microphone, no stage lights and a potted plant as a set piece and five years and a lot of miles later you can sell out your own show at The Lowry. Then, if you get super lucky, you get to do some TV.
She's setting the record straight after a series of unusual tweets appeared on her page.
Carol Vorderman raised eyebrows yesterday (31 March), when a string of explicit posts began appearing on her Twitter page
Sinitta’s much-awaited episode of ‘Safeword’ aired on Thursday night - and we can see now why she was so upset about it. READ