salman rushdie

The Harry Potter author has joined over 150 signatories criticising ‘cancel culture’.
The actor who no longer wants to act wrote a novel called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, and somehow it gets worse from there.
In 2008, the blasphemy laws were abolished in England and Wales. They protected the tender sympathies of the Anglican God
On Valentine's Day, 27 years ago, Salman Rushdie began a transition that would lead to a life on the run, going by the name of Joseph Anton.
Why are young people leaving Europe to fight for ISIS? They are looking for somewhere to belong.
The arrogance of those staying away is breathtaking. PEN exists to speak out for writers who are persecuted and threatened. As Salman Rushdie said, he hopes no one ever goes after the writers staying away. Still, it is easier to piss on dead cartoonists than to stand up to ISIS who crucify and behead.
The freedom to express critical opinions and most in particular to express them as caricatures stands at the heart of our concept of free society. As in any other of our basic freedoms, there are limits to freedom of expression.
All religions, new and old, should be subject to the same disrespect that Charlie Hedbo so boldly and bravely paid them. As Salman Rushdie, a man who knows a thing or two about this subject, said religion deserves our 'fearless disrespect'. Long may such disrespect, whether it be in Charlie Hedbo or elsewhere, continue.
When the seventh edition of the most famous Jaipur Literature Festival opened at Diggi palace in Rajasthan (India), the charter was set by none other than the famous economist and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. And, what did he want for the country, the third world nation which on the throes of turning into a vibrant economy?
Towards the end of the ninth century, Pope Stephen VI had the body of his predecessor Formosus exhumed, dressed in its sacerdotal