santa claus

The dictionary had some tough questions – especially about Vixen, whose name can also mean “a sexually attractive woman.”
"'He’s going to be so mad that you lied to him for so long,' my mother warns."
His origin story isn't quite what we were expecting.
The world is thwarting my efforts to create a space for my daughter where people of colour are front and centre.
After a building storm of criticism, the spot was scrubbed last week.
And how to keep them from telling their friends and siblings.
We’re not lying when we say Christmas 2020 is a Christmas like no other. Here’s some tips on how you can keep things festive during lockdowns, restrictions and the pandemic.
Kennedy said Santa had told him recently that he was fine and was planning to deliver presents at Christmas as usual despite being in the throes of the Cold War.
“Because at seven, it’s marginal, right?”