Former prime minister said government made "mistake" of focusing on influenza rather than respiratory illnesses.
Nigerian LGBQT activists Freddie Jacob, Matthew Blaise and Victor Emmanuel joined the End Sars marches only to find fellow protesters turned on them. The activists who marched with the hashtag ‘Queer Lives Matter’ say that the fight for oppression should include Nigeria’s LGBT community too.
Covid-19 has spread across six continents and claimed thousands of lives in a rapid space of time. Are we seeing a pandemic unfold and what can we do to protect ourselves from its spread? We spoke with Dr Freja Jephcott to find out what a pandemic is.
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The coronavirus started in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has already seen hundreds taken ill, with 17 confirmed deaths. Heightened precautions are being taken in China and elsewhere by governments, as hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel both domestically and abroad for Lunar New Year celebrations.