We all had a favourite book as a young child. Many of us remember snuggling up on the carpet, watching our teacher's animated
The minister, Nicky Morgan needs to reach out to the other parties over this to see how much can be achieved. Perhaps a general agreement is too much to hope for but if it was only possible to reach a consensus on how to cut the exam burden so that children can enjoy their school days - well. that in itself would be something worthwhile.
How much do these results matter for your child?
When I was a child, attending a small Catholic state primary in North Wales, our times tables were something that were drummed in to us. Teachers, and my mum, who was a single parent, knew the value of being good with numbers and being able to do your "sums". And the key to it all is practise. You can't do it without practise. But somehow we think that you can confine maths to five sessions of 45 minutes or so a week (the numeracy lesson) and that's good enough. It isn't.
A former government adviser has warned of a "toxicity" in the schools exams system which leads many youngsters towards a
The report says children born in August feel less like they "control their own destiny" - perhaps had I known my destiny was so heavily weighted on the side of failure, I would have felt like that too. And perhaps I would look more like the August baby the report paints.
The bottom line is that if primary school tests are being prepared for, neither test nor teacher is doing their job properly. The preparation for primary school tests should be primary school itself.
Kids don't hate primary SATs as much as their parents and teachers do, according to three new surveys. Mumsnet, children's