scotland's independence referendum

Up to 7,000 people marched through the streets of Glasgow on Saturday calling for Scottish independence from the UK - as
In an increasingly integrated, globalised world, such isolationism curtails the freedom a nation needs to exercise the economic and trade decisions and activities needed for long-term economic prosperity and political success.
Vote 'no' for your future, and the future of your children, your grandchildren. Vote 'no' in solidarity with your friends and family across the UK. Vote 'no' to live in a safe, stable and prosperous nation. Vote 'no' to have the best of both worlds. And vote 'no' to be proud to be Scottish and proud to be British. Make the patriotic decision, and say 'thanks, but no thanks'.
A few years ago, my mum moved from Lanark to the Borders. That's where I go now when I go home. On my most recent visit, we walked for hours through the Border hills. The landscape was beautiful, with the heather in its purple splendour and the odd thistle bobbing in the wind. But you know the best thing of all about that part of the country? There is no border.
Pro-union campaigners have been accused of "scaremongering" about the impact of independence on Scotland's banking sector
At best Scotland will become the new Greece; with high unemployment, crazy amounts of government borrowing and a mass exodus of highly qualified workers moving to the UK or other European countries. At worst Scotland may ignite radical separatists as seen in ETA (in the Pais Vasco). Europe needs to be more integrated and not separated, therefore Scotland must keep with the UK and not become an isolated country.
The coalition has been accused of being "patronising and stupid" for putting out a 12 point list on why Scots should vote
George Osborne has been accused of a "a subterfuge to frighten Scottish citizens" by ruling out a currency union between
Among certain sections of Scots, then, social attitudes surveys reveal a lingering undercurrent of anti-Englishness which is not always jovial. This is concerning.